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Iranians hanged US troops in Baghdad

Pro-Iranian forces hanged US troops in Baghdad.

Against the backdrop of a sharp confrontation between the US military and the Iraqi and Iranian authorities, several hours ago in various parts of the Iraqi capital, pro-Iranian formations hanged American soldiers, thereby demonstrating their determination to oppose the United States in the Middle East.

In the photograph presented, you can see a distinct silhouette of an American military man hanging on a pole, as evidenced by the corresponding uniform and patches of the US Armed Forces. Such an act of intimidation poses a very real threat, because, according to some reports, American soldiers were forbidden to move through Iraq alone, fearing that in response to the liquidation of the Iranian commander Kassem Suleimani, the US military might be hunted.

It should be noted that Iraq is actively advocating the withdrawal of US troops from the country, and such an act of intimidation may clearly affect the reduction of the US military contingent in the territory of this Middle Eastern state, however, obviously, we are not talking about the withdrawal of personnel from airbases in Iraq .