The Iranians smashed a Turkish military convoy trying to leave the territory of the base in Syria. Video

The Iranian military crushed a convoy of military equipment of the Turkish Armed Forces with dense fire.

After Turkey tried to evacuate its troops from a military base near the Syrian settlement of Morek, Iranian forces attacked the convoy of equipment. As a result of the attack by the Iranian military, two military trucks were destroyed, and several other vehicles were seriously damaged.

“In the province of Idlib, a convoy of the Turkish Armed Forces was fired upon, which was carrying out measures to withdraw its observation post from the territory controlled by the SAR government. As a result of the shelling, one driver was killed, several more were wounded, and 2 trucks of the Turkish Armed Forces burned down. The incident took place in the area of ​​n. the village of Maaret-El-Uliya between Sarmin and Saraqib ", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Russian Spring". Journalists clarify that the fire was opened by groups controlled by Turkey, however, Syrian sources refer to the fact that this was done by Iranian military formations that are indeed deployed in the area.

The news agency obtained unique video footage showing the moment of the defeat of the Turkish military convoy, while a number of Syrian sources clarify that the reason for the attack was an attempt by the retreating Turkish forces to attack the positions of the Syrian and Iranian military located in this region, in as a result, powerful fire was opened on the column.