Anti-aircraft missile launch


Iranian air defense system "Khordad-15" hit Israeli fighters

Iranian air defense system "Hordad-15" becomes a blow to the Israeli Air Force.

After the successful defeat of the American strategic reconnaissance drone RQ-4 by the Iranian anti-aircraft missile system "Hordad-15", this air defense system deals a serious blow to the Israeli Air Force.

After a series of strikes by Israeli fighters on Iranian military facilities in Syria, Iran is delivering a symmetrical blow to the security of these strikes for the Israeli air force. According to experts, these complexes are already preparing to be sent to Syria, where they will become a serious problem for Israel.

“Against the background of how Israel in an aggressive form strikes at Iranian military facilities in the suburbs of Damascus, Iran may well deploy its air defense systems here. With a range of 120-150 kilometers, these air defense systems are capable of striking Israeli fighters, including in the territories of neighboring states, including Lebanon and Israel itself. ”, - the analyst notes.

According to experts, given that Russia does not prevent Israeli attacks on Iranian military facilities in Syria, Iran will also act independently, but, obviously, if there is a real threat.

“Hordad-15, of course, cannot be compared to C-300, but it represents a serious danger to both fourth-generation fighters and fifth-generation fighters that are armed with Israel. It is logical to assume that Iran will try to avoid escalation, but in the case of Israeli strikes, these air defense systems will be ready to strike even fighters that take off and land in Israel ”, - the analyst concludes.

It's time to send to Syria.

I agree.

this will be the first and last shot of chebureks. Israel is not Trump cowardly.

<< "" Khordad-15 "certainly cannot be compared with the S-300 >>
Of course it can not. After all, he really knocks.

It is high time. Allah help them!