SAM Bavar


Iranian long-range analogues of C-300 will become a problem for Israel

Israel was predicted by problems due to the long-range analogue of C-300 developed in Iran.

Iran has officially completed the development of its latest Bavar 373 anti-aircraft missile systems and is already beginning to take them into service. A detailed presentation of this complex is scheduled for August 22 2019, but experts have already predicted serious problems for Israel.

Despite the fact that the Iranian Bavar 373 air defense system is called the full analogue of the Russian Favorit S-300 air defense systems, according to unconfirmed reports, the effective range of target destruction for these air defense and missile defense systems is about 300-320 kilometers, while these complexes can detect stealth targets at distances of the order of 150-170 kilometers.

Moreover, there are suggestions that Iran intends to deploy the Bavar 373 air defense system in Syria in the near future to ensure the protection of its military from Israeli attacks, and if the characteristics of the air defense system are confirmed, then Iran will be able to easily deal with Israeli military aircraft, this also applies to F-35i fighters, which, according to unconfirmed reports, have already launched a series of attacks on the Iranian military in Syria and in Iraq.