Iranian cruise missiles flew right over warships of the U.S. Navy

Iranian drones and cruise missiles flew directly over US warships.

An unexpected statement by a representative from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Defense revealed that during the last massive attack on oil refineries in Saudi Arabia, Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles flew directly above the US Navy base in Kuwait, as well as through several Kuwait’s air defense and missile defense systems. , including the Patriot system, once again demonstrating the latter's complete defenselessness before the strike.

It is noteworthy that initially the Saudi authorities completely denied the attack on their refineries (before the corresponding video recordings appeared - ed.), But now in Kuwait, which is also confirmed by Washington, they say that they even observed a lot of unidentified aircraft over the territory countries, which causes a lot of doubts, since in this case the threat to the American fleet would almost certainly be eliminated.

Moreover, despite the accusations of the United States, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait that Iran is behind the attacks on the Saudi Aramco factories, Iran refutes this, while Yemeni rebels from Ansar Allah claim that they are the ones behind the attacks on Saudi Arabia, completely refuting the allegations against Tehran.