Iranian media: Turkey demanded from Armenia to give Zanzegur

In Turkey, new demands were made on the Armenian territory.

The Turkish state television TGRT demanded that Armenia transfer the entire Zanzegur to Azerbaijan. This will allow connecting Azerbaijan with Nakhichevan and, accordingly, connecting Azerbaijan with Turkey. According to the Turkish side, Armenia will have to agree to such a deal, since Yerevan does not have $ 50 billion, which Armenia must for some reason pay to Baku.

"There was an interesting moment on the Turkish state television TGRT, the presenter says:" since Armenia does not have the opportunity to pay compensation in the amount of $ 50 billion to Azerbaijan, in exchange they must give the lands of Zangezur ", - international Iranian journalist Hayal Muazzin quotes the information.

Turkish state television did not explain exactly why Armenia should pay such a huge amount to Azerbaijan or transfer part of its territory, however, experts believe that this is only a provocation from Ankara, especially since Baku has any territorial claims to Armenia was not shown.

Earlier in Yerevan, they announced that Armenia did not intend to grant Azerbaijan the right to build a corridor to Nakhichevan - such negotiations between the two sides are not even being conducted. However, earlier there were reports that the recent Iranian military exercises just thwarted a possible attack by Turkey and Azerbaijan on Armenia with the aim of taking control of Zanzegur.

This fair theory has long been decided. Armenia caused $ 50 billion in damage. We are waiting for the court to confirm.

Zangezur, not "Zanzegur"