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Iranian military fired anti-aircraft missile at American helicopter AH-64 Apache

Iran attacked American AH-64 Apache helicopters.

The Iranian military has used its latest anti-aircraft missiles against the US Air Force for the first time. In fact, we are talking about a rather unusual anti-aircraft ammunition, since the latter is both a missile and a loitering ammunition at the same time. This allows you to send ammunition to the area of ​​flight of enemy aircraft, helicopters and drones and attack them at the earliest opportunity.

In the photographs presented, you can see a missile that was discovered near the American military base Al-Harir, located in Iraqi Kurdistan. At the moment, only attack helicopters are based at the airbase, and it was against them that the Iranian military intended to carry out the attack.

At the same time, a number of questions arose to the data sources, since during the fall (the target was never detected), the missile did not actually suffer, and a protective cover can be seen on the homing head. This points to the fact that the missile was abandoned in the area by Iranian forces as a warning to the American side.

“The photos were taken relatively near the American-used Al-Harir airfield in Iraqi Kurdistan. This is the same unknown Iranian missile, some of which the Americans intercepted on some ships that broke through the blockade with cargo of weapons for the Yemeni Houthis and which the Americans, after studying, called the anti-aircraft missile "358". In fact, this is anti-aircraft loitering ammunition, which can be launched even from an improvised launcher and then begins to circle in the air in search of a target. As I assume, they have at least several shot down drones of the Saudi coalition in Yemen on their account. In this case, judging by the fact that the protective cover is visible on the missile seeker and the missile is absolutely intact, it already looks like a warning and a threat against the United States. ", - reports "BMPD".

The Iranian side has not yet commented on the appearance of its missile near the American military base.

recently, with this "mock-up" Iranians in Afghanistan shot down a plane with the deputy director of the CIA.

not so long ago ours "planted" a dummy vacuum bomb on Turkish positions ... a day later they were already bombed there

Apparently this is a mock-up, but the Iranians have no normal missiles. Or imagine that Russia throws in zircon as a warning ...))

The rocket is really intact, fresh from the warehouse. She clearly did not fall even from two meters.