Iranian military


Iranian troops blockade American forces in eastern Syria

The Iranian military did not allow the US military convoy to enter Syria.

A few days ago it became known that the Israeli military aircraft launched a series of air strikes on the positions of the Iranian forces in the eastern part of Syria. As it turned out, these strikes were made against the backdrop of the refusal of the Iranian military to pass a convoy of American armored vehicles across the Syrian-Iraqi border.

It is known that just a few hours after the Israeli air force strikes on the positions of the IRGC in eastern Syria, a convoy of American military armored vehicles passed through the border, which, allegedly, could not earlier enter the area of ​​Syria due to the Iranian forces present here. ...

“On the eve of another large military convoy of the US Army invaded northeastern Syria. Over the past week, this is the second such case when a convoy of American troops is sent to Syrian soil from neighboring Iraq to strengthen the contingent operating there. The build-up of the US grouping coincided with a series of massive Israeli Air Force strikes on Syrian territory., - reports the publication "AMN".

It should be noted that the Iranian military quite strongly interferes with the US army to gain a foothold in eastern Syria, while American military facilities are often subjected to rocket attacks, presumably from the IRGC.