Iranian drone attacked an American military airbase

The American airbase Ain al-Assad was attacked by an Iranian drone.

Despite the fact. that Iran and the United States are negotiating to stabilize relations between the two countries, it became known that a few hours ago the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps deployed a strike unmanned aerial vehicle and struck the American military airbase Ain al-Assad, resulting in damage to the American military equipment - according to a number of data, there were two combat helicopters in the hangar, which were hit by an Iranian UAV.

According to the information available to the website, as a result of the impact of an Iranian drone, the ammunition went through the roof of the hangar and exploded inside. The information about the equipment in the hangar is not officially commented on by the American side, however, against the background of the fact that the main force here is represented by American combat helicopters, the latter could well have received serious damage.

It should be noted that the American military airbase of Ain al-Assad is subjected to strikes by Iran and pro-Iranian military groups several times a week, while the US army was not helped by the deployment of its short and medium-range air defense systems in this direction, as well as electronic warfare systems.