Iranian Kamikaze drone fired over Israel

Israel announced the intercepted Iranian drone - "kamikaze."

After Israel confirmed its one of the largest, and at the same time unsuccessful attacks on Syria, the Israeli military, as an excuse for their attacks, stated that the cause of the attack was the recently intercepted kamikaze Iranian drone near the Israeli border ”, Which was launched from the same area.

It is reported that the incident occurred a few days ago, however, for unknown reasons, no evidence was provided to these words in Israel, which once again indicates the fact that Tel Aviv is looking for just an excuse to justify the terror in Syria address.

According to the official Israeli version, as part of a night attack on Syria, a warehouse with kamikaze drones, which were supposed to be massively released into Israeli airspace, was destroyed.

It should be clarified that a few minutes after the Israeli attack, journalists published a video recording allegedly capturing a powerful explosion, however, judging by satellite images, nothing of the kind was observed during the last Israeli attack.