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Iranian drone strikes Israeli chemical plant

An Israeli chemical plant was attacked by Iranian drones.

This morning, Hamas and Islamic Jihad forces launched an attack on an Israeli chemical plant using Iranian kamikaze drones, the first use of which became known a few days ago. It is reported that the blow fell on one of the chemical storage facilities, in connection with which there is a risk of an emergency situation - a number of media reports that the plant used volatile chemical poisonous substances such as chlorine, ammonia, etc.

According to the data available to the resource, the attack fell on a chemical plant located near the city of Nir Oz in southern Israel. Given the fact that large Israeli cities are located nearby, in the event of damage to storage facilities with toxic chemicals, there is a very serious risk to the population.

It is known that the drone launched by the Palestinians was able to successfully bypass Israeli air defense / missile defense systems, which did not even react to the appearance of the drone.

At the moment, there are no official comments from Israel, however, given the fact that Hamas can attack such objects, the Israeli side is starting to have very serious problems, since earlier attempts were made to attack Israel's nuclear facilities in Dimona.

Petrov and Boshirov do not sleep

Ah, well done!

If you search for this photo, you will get:
"Fire at an oil refinery. Haifa, December 25, 2016."

Well, the RF is essentially a peacemaker and that's okay.

Again, Russia needs to get involved in this business, to pacify all parties to the conflict, since the Americans cannot or have become weak, because. these parties just spit on them and send them somewhere far away.