The Iranian drone attacking Saudi Arabia turned out to be American. Video

The drone that attacked Saudi Arabia turned out to be American.

This afternoon, Saudi Arabian Air Forces published footage that allegedly captured an Iranian military drone that attacked the country. On the video frames you can really see a large unmanned aerial vehicle, however, experts assessing the video frames, concluded that the unmanned aerial vehicle is of American origin.

Analyzing the video footage, analysts say that either we are talking about the appearance of a UAV of American origin in Iran’s arsenal, which is extremely unlikely, or the drone is American.

UAV MQ-9 Reaper

“The constructive elements of an unmanned aerial vehicle presented on videotape make it possible to identify it as the MQ-9 Reaper — only the nose of the drone raises doubts. Because of the poor quality of the video, making an accurate assessment is very difficult, but it’s definitely not about Ababil or Shahed drones, as Saudi Arabia claims. ”- notes the specialist

Analysts do not exclude that the misinformation spread by Saudi Arabia is aimed primarily at further cooling relations between the countries of the Middle East, the United States and Iran, since the baseless accusations against Tehran began to appear more and more often.

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The Iranians intercepted more than once the American drones, and could easily use one of them.

All this is both funny and sad!
On the one hand you read that photography from space allows you to distinguish asterisks on epaulets, but on the other hand there are not any photos of events, often tragic, like a Boeing shot down in Ukraine, or controversial, as with this drone.

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