Iranian oil tanker again detained by British military

The Iranian oil tanker was again detained.

A few hours ago it became known that the Iranian oil tanker Grace 1, previously detained by the British military, unexpectedly headed for Morocco, but after a while the tanker turned and stopped again. According to some information, the tanker was initially released, after which it was again detained.

“The Iranian tanker Grace 1, detained by the Gibraltar authorities, signaled a move towards Morocco. Apparently, the British decided to free the ship after five weeks of arrest ", - the Military Observer reports.

However, according to open sources, after heading towards Morocco, the tanker was again stopped near Gibraltar.

There are no official statements from the UK on this subject, however, experts believe that if the Iranian oil tanker Grace 15 is not released on August 1 in August, Iran will make another attempt to hijack the British ship, moreover, it is possible that we can talk about military naval vessel.

It should be clarified that Iran is actively catching tankers in the Persian Gulf that carry out illegal oil transportation, which in the West was considered an occasion to strengthen the military presence in the region.