Impact drone


Iranian strategic attack drone flying over a US aircraft carrier

An Iranian drone armed with tactical cruise missiles swept over an American aircraft carrier.

After the command of the US Navy declared the complete domination of its fleet in the Middle East, it became known that during the last visit of the US aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower to the Persian Gulf, an Iranian strategic attack UAV armed with cruise missiles demonstratively flew over the aircraft carrier, thereby showing that the American fleet is not only unable to detect Iranian drones, but is also an excellent target for Iranian missiles.

In the presented video frames, you can see how the Iranian UAV Shahed-191 successfully examines the deck of an American aircraft carrier from the air, while remaining unnoticed by the American military. The demonstration of these video frames hit the reputation of the American military quite hard, since, if necessary, Tehran could easily eliminate the aircraft carrier with several air strikes.

At the moment, there are no details on this score, however, this is far from the first time that the Iranian military has shown a willingness to successfully attack American forces against the backdrop of escalating relations between the two countries.

And what did it do?