Iranian military plane flew half a kilometer from Azerbaijani troops

An Iranian military plane reminded Baku who is the boss in the region.

Against the background of the escalation of the situation in relations between Iran and Azerbaijan, a few hours ago, an Iranian military plane was taken into the air to conduct reconnaissance in the territory of Azerbaijan. The reason for this was the pulling of Azerbaijani troops, equipment and weapons to the Iranian border. According to Azerbaijani social media users, an Iranian military plane even crossed the border of Azerbaijan's airspace, remaining in it for several minutes. Taking into account the data of open monitoring resources, there was no real violation of the border of Azerbaijan, since the Iranian plane turned around literally five hundred meters from the airspace of the neighboring state.

By its actions, Iran has demonstrated to Baku that it is ready to act on the territory of its state as it wants and any warnings and threats from Azerbaijan are completely inappropriate, especially since Baku has no chance in the event of an armed conflict against the Islamic republic.

In the images presented, you can see that there was no real violation of the borders of the airspace of Azerbaijan, however, at the same time, the IRGC forces could well seize valuable information about the deployment of Azerbaijani forces in the region, especially since the likelihood of a conflict is very high.

Earlier, in Azerbaijan, mass insults were made against the Iranian authorities, stating that, if necessary, Baku could "cut off the tail of the Iranian lion."

Ruslan, of course, will show .. How Ukraine showed Russia

Surprisingly, the Armenians always call the Azeris Turks (both are Turks in Armenian), and when it turns out their own people the Turks, in what they help them, are already dividing them, as if they are different peoples. As always, there are comments.

Aleksandryan, and who did you feel yourself when your borders are already 30 years old, are being guarded by the soldiers of another state? Where are your heroes?

Do not be so afraid, otherwise you will reflexively do it again. But, I'll tell you a secret, not everyone in the world like you, at the slightest danger, shoves something into a smelly place - so your personal experience has nothing to do with it. And this game is not for average minds, take it easy and keep playing with your smelly place. The best thing you can do in life.

Given the position of Iran for the past 50 years, it was most likely a MiG-19))

Vladimiryan, do not be afraid, Baku has already shown someone who is the boss, and even more so to the Persians

Turkey won the war for Azerbaijan in Karabakh, and they felt like warriors.

I'm afraid that Baku has tucked his tail into one smelly place and is unlikely to be able to take it out.

As a child, the author of the article was always told you make a fly out of an elephant. The author of the article seems to me to get drunk and calm down.