Radar Casta


Iranian base in Syria began to be guarded by Russian air defense systems

Russian air defense systems spotted at an Iranian base in Syria.

At the airfield of the Syrian Air Force, located in the suburb of Deir ez-Zor, which is actively used by the Iranian military for their own needs, Russian air defense systems were seen. According to sources, a few months ago there were no modern radars here, however, in the images taken a few days ago, the Russian Kasta-2E2 radar was discovered, which is used to detect small targets and aircraft with low radar signature.

Last year, dozens of strikes by unknown aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles were inflicted on the positions of the Iranian military in the province of Deir ez-Zor, which obviously led to the need to strengthen air defense in this direction.

According to official data, there are no Kasta-2E2 radar stations in service with Syria and Iran, which indicates that they are most likely Russian.

“Against the background of the next strengthening of US influence in eastern Syria, Russia is interested in containing American troops. The deployment of the same radars indicates that Russia intends to control the movement of aircraft and drones both near the borders of Syria and in the airspace of the Arab republic itself. ", - the analyst underlines.