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Irina Dubcova beaten at the airport Novy Urengoy

Irina Dubcova had a fight at the airport Novy Urengoy with daughter Director General of "Gazprom dobycha Yamburg".

Based on the commentary of the Russian singer, the conflict was caused precisely by the inappropriate behavior of the daughter of the General Director of Gazprom Dobycha Yamburg. The scuffle occurred while moving in a car to the airport building, while, according to Irina Dubtsova, she politely asked the girl to close the car door (because of colds at the singer - approx. Ed.)But only a fellow traveler Naham Russian pop stars, and a little later, is already being directly at the airport, Daria Andreeva, and does Dubcova hit in the face.

At the moment, an official investigation is being carried out into the incident, the results of which have not been announced. In addition, it is worth clarifying that the day before, there was also a scandal with another Russian pop singer - Roman Zhukov, due to his inadequate behavior, caused by the first state of alcohol intoxication, could not get on board the Kemerovo-Moscow flight.


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