Irkutsk Airport


Irkutsk International Airport received permission to receive Boeing 777 aircraft

The Russian Federal Air Transport Agency Irkutsk International Airport, take the aircraft Boeing 777.

In particular, we are talking about granting permission to receive and send long-haul airliners Boeing 777-200, Boeing 777-200 ER, as well as Boeing 777-300. According to the first assumptions, such a decision is due to the fact that several Russian airlines at once expressed a desire to operate flights to Irkutsk on large airliners, and in addition, it could also attract foreign airlines, which would ensure the development of the route network.

The first scheduled flight on a Boeing 777 aircraft should be already on 5 June. The flight will be operated by the airline "Orenburg airlines", And he will connect Irkutsk with Simferopol.