Complexes Iskander


Iskander-M in Syria aimed at US aircraft carriers

The purpose of the Iskander-M complexes in Syria are American aircraft carriers.

A few hours ago satellite images were published with the Iskander-M complexes unexpectedly appearing at the Russian military airbase Hmeimim in Syria. The reasons for the appearance of these OTRKs in Syria can be very diverse, but there is an opinion that Russia can easily control the entire eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea with the help of the Iskander OTRK.

"Until recently, the US aircraft carriers felt relatively safe in the eastern Mediterranean, however, the Iskander-M complexes, capable of launching missiles with nuclear warheads at a distance of 500 kilometers, put an absolute cross on the safety of American warships in this region "- note analyst

It is noteworthy that in the presented satellite image you can see the process of loading the Iskander-M OTRK, which may well mean that the complex is on alert, and can release two quasi-ballistic missiles for only 5-15 minutes.

It should be clarified that the Ministry of Defense of Russia has not yet commented on the appearance of the Iskander-M television station in Syria.

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Surprised by the conclusion of the expert. Are bastions with Onyxes and Yakhonts no longer cope? From the bastions they fired on ground targets - it was. But Iskander-M is armed with a ballistic missile - the range of 500km ... In the photo is probably Iskander-K armed with 2my cruise missiles ....

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Iskander's guidance system is not intended to destroy maneuverable targets and homing in the last section.
For these tasks, there are anti-ship missiles, including with YaBCh. There is a caliber, onyx, X-35 ...
Why use obviously not the best option?