Air Force of Spain


Spain announced its intention to strike Russia with fighters

The Spanish Minister of Defense ordered the transfer of fighter jets to Bulgaria to fight Russia.

The head of the Spanish defense department, Margarita Robles, announced that Spanish fighter jets would be deployed on the territory of Ukraine's neighboring countries and in the countries of Southern and Eastern Europe, which would be used to strike at Russia in the event of an armed conflict in Ukraine. Prior to this, Robles sent two Spanish warships to the Black Sea - the patrol ship "El Meteoro" and the frigate "ESPS Blas de Lezo".

“Spain proposes to prevent a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. In particular, the deployment of fighters in Bulgaria was considered as part of the plan that NATO is preparing in Eastern Europe., according to the Huffington Post.

Moreover, in Spain they report their readiness to take much more serious measures, as announced by the country's Foreign Ministry, although at the same time, they did not specify any details.

“Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albarez outlined his position on this issue on Wednesday during his visit to Washington. He assured that there was still "a margin for relaxation and de-escalation", but warned that "dialogue is not the same as negotiations." In his statement, Albarez indicated that there are "unacceptable" things, such as a possible violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. That is why he said that “frightening” measures are being prepared against Russia in case of its invasion of Ukraine, without specifying the details about this., - notes the publication.

NATO clearly intends to go for a very serious escalation with Russia, since almost every day, not even warnings, but open threats are heard against Moscow. This is probably one of the reasons why NATO refused to comply with Russia's demands and provide her with security guarantees.

Yes, God forgive me, who needs this Ukraine, let America eat it enough.

Do not make me laugh! In Russia, there are billions of dollars of bourgeois investments, which is thousands of times more than what ours have abroad. So this is not an argument! Turn your head on!

Spain will substitute Bulgaria. From there, planes will fly, which means Bulgaria will be raked from Russia. And Spain hands up and will say, it's not us, but Bulgaria.

While the missiles are flying, they will be promptly sold and introduced to the Maldives

And here is the grandmother. Doesn't want to give birth, but eager to fight...

Russia will hit Spain?!
don't tell me, but what about the estates, the same Cherezov and others?

The city of Madrid was beautiful where it was - the earth is burning ...

"will be used to strike at Russia in the event of an armed conflict in Ukraine" - Does it look like suicides are in power in Spain? After that, Spain will simply not be on the world map. The most interesting thing is that the people of Spain themselves are ready for this? Or is it only the Spanish authorities to please the United States will do everything?

And he thought that Russia would hit Spain?? Does he already know where to go?