Amphibious aircraft AVIC AG600


Tests of the largest amphibian in the world will meet in May

China will experience its newest amphibious aircraft in mid-May.

This statement was made by the developers of the unique in its kind amphibious aircraft AVIC AG600, which the information portal has already told about, while initially it is supposed to launch the aircraft from the surface of the earth, and a few weeks later, provided that the first phase of flight tests will be successful, the plane will be tested and launched from the water surface.

It should be clarified that the AVIC AG600 aircraft itself is designed to fight fires, while in just 20 seconds this aircraft can take on board up to 12 tons of water, while the maximum take-off weight of this unique aircraft is 53,5 tons.

China takes a planet all of the world's development and is trying to make his sometimes successfully

And then suddenly, the biggest? In A 40 90 takeoff weight tons, about the uniqueness Be 200 12 takes the same tons of water for the same time at maximum weight 40 tons, is something like the Be 12, it is very similar to the way))

It is amazing! China is also not lagging behind from the future, and therefore it is a good development and on the ground to plant and water If so, we can also add this feature in their favor ... ??



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