Tests of the latest Russian helicopter failed miserably. Video

Tests of the latest Russian helicopter in the suburbs again failed.

A few hours ago, the newest Russian Mi-38 helicopter almost crashed on the territory of the Moscow Region. No one was injured as a result of the incident, however, according to the RT publication, the rotorcraft made an emergency landing due to engine problems, although the helicopter itself was not damaged as a result of landing.

“According to an eyewitness, the crew made several calls. “I stood at the store, it probably three times landed. He took off, did a circle, landed, ”he says. The crew successfully landed a helicopter, there were no injuries, no helicopter damage was recorded. As stated in the Russian Helicopters holding, the incident occurred during a test flight to work out the emergency operation of the power plant, - reports the edition "RT".

The corresponding video was shot by random witnesses, and it can be used to judge a rather difficult situation that arose on board a domestic helicopter, which, by the way, having made its first flight back in 2003, still cannot go into production, and taking into account what happened , obviously, is unlikely to begin to be mass-produced in the near future.

But these are not the tricks of Taburetkin?

No emergency. Just a helicopter working out a take-off and landing program.