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Tests of Russian UAV "Okhotnik" are ahead of schedule

Tests of the latest strike UAV "Okhotnik" can be fully completed by the end of the year.

Sources in the country's military-industrial complex report that tests of the newest domestic unmanned attack aircraft S-70 "Okhotnik" are going ahead of the scheduled schedule. This is due to the fact that, as part of the tests, the combat drone fully confirms the requirements for this strike vehicle and successfully performs the assigned tasks.

Towards the middle of the year, the newest domestic attack drone S-70 "Okhotnik" is planned to be tested as an interceptor, in particular, sources in the defense industry report that the drone will have to intercept several targets in flight, defeat from air-to-air missiles.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that checking the weapon systems of a combat vehicle is considered one of the last tests, by the end of the year the drone will try to interact with the Su-57 fighter, since this drone was specially designed to work in tandem with the fifth generation fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces. after which, if the tests are completed successfully, "Hunter" can begin to prepare for serial production.

According to some reports, the UAV "Okhotnik" may begin to enter service with the Aerospace Forces by 2023.