Tests of Russian ICBMs at the Kapustin Yar test site raised a number of questions

Military and political commentator Yuri Podolyaka in his Telegram channel raised questions about the recent tests of an intercontinental ballistic missile at the Kapustin Yar test site of the Strategic Missile Forces of the Russian Armed Forces. According to him, the missile launch contained several unusual moments, especially regarding the flight path of its warhead.

Podolyak focused on the unusual maneuvers of the rocket warhead after separation from the first stage.

“The main oddity is the flight path of its warhead. In the sky you can see how the part that separated from the first stage of the rocket, turning on its engine, began to make very non-ballistic turns.”, - he noted.

These maneuvers were noticeable not only near the test site, but also in more distant regions, such as the Urals, Dagestan, and also on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea in Iran. Podolyak estimates that the missile traveled at least seven thousand kilometers in the visual observation zone alone, which casts doubt on its classification as a conventional intercontinental ballistic missile.

“In general, we tested a very strange weapon today. And from the crumbs of information that are on the Internet, it seems that no one has anything similar.”“, concluded the observer.

The Russian Ministry of Defense previously announced the successful launch of the missile, but did not provide additional details about the characteristics and capabilities of the tested missile. This is generating increased interest in new weapons, perhaps indicating new technologies or strategies in the field of missile weapons.

At the same time, journalists previously suggested that we could be talking about an ICBM with a hypersonic gliding part.


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