Underwater drone


Tests of the Russian nuclear underwater drone "Status-6" decided to postpone indefinitely

Tests of the Russian nuclear drone "Status-6" will not be carried out in 2021.

Despite the previously published information that the first tests of the Russian "superweapon" under the name "Status-2021" ("Poseidon"), which is an underwater unmanned vehicle equipped with a warhead in the form of a powerful thermonuclear warhead, will begin in 6, source TASS "In the military-industrial complex of the country saidthat this year only the carrier submarine will be tested, however, the tests of the nuclear submarine "Belgorod" will not be connected with the tests of the underwater complex.

“State tests of" Belgorod "will begin in May after the White Sea breaks open from ice. They are in no way tied to the tests of the deep-sea nuclear "Poseidon" ", - said in the message of a source in the military-industrial complex.

Experts believe that the tests of the Poseidon unmanned vehicle will begin after the tests of the nuclear submarine itself are completed, which, by the way, suggests that this will happen by 2022-2023, but there are no official comments on this yet.

In turn, experts do not exclude that tests of an underwater vehicle with a nuclear power plant can be carried out permanently, without involving the nuclear submarine "Belgorod", after which complex tests will be carried out.