Fighter Gripen-E


Tests of the Swedish fighter-"killer" Su-35 ended in complete disappointment

In the tests of the Swedish fighter Gripen-E, the results were worse than expected.

If a few months ago Sweden put its Gripen-E fighter on a par with the Russian Su-57, claiming that in an air battle the plane would be able to deal with both Russian Su-30 and Su-35, it turned out that the prolonged silence the defense department of the Scandinavian kingdom is due to the fact that, as part of the tests, the Swedish combat aircraft showed poor results in almost all parameters.

At the moment, given the data that appeared in the Scandinavian media, during testing in Finland, it turned out that the Swedish combat aircraft is rather poorly adapted to low temperatures. Moreover, the characteristics of the low radar signature of the Swedish combat aircraft turned out to be much lower than expected, which deprives it of its main feature - the effect of surprise in battle.

Among other things, it is also known about some problems with maneuverability in close combat, although any details on this subject were not disclosed.

Taking into account all these shortcomings of the Swedish Gripen-E fighter, it is logical to assume that this combat aircraft cannot compare in its capabilities even with the Su-30 fighters, and, probably, for this reason, Sweden no longer makes any provocative statements regarding its murderous power against Russian combat aircraft.