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Israel Radar: Hundreds of Israeli soldiers are actively involved in the fighting on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Israeli troops were sent to Ukraine.

The Israeli military were sent to the territory of Ukraine and take an active part in the hostilities on the side of Ukraine. The exact number of Israeli soldiers currently in Ukraine has not been disclosed, however, according to Israel Radar, this includes former officers and soldiers of Israeli special forces.

“Israeli special forces veterans are training Ukrainian elite units. The source said that the Israelis are also taking an active part in the hostilities against members of the NWO. Earlier it was reported that the Israelis trained Ukrainian soldiers at a secret facility in western Ukraine. However, the latest information offers new details about the advanced combat training that IDF veterans are conducting. It is noteworthy that over time, more information is emerging about the role of Israel in supporting Ukraine against Russia.”, - reports the Israeli edition of "Israel Radar".

According to the Israeli publication "The Times of Israel", to which the resource refers "Israel Radar", today, hundreds of Israeli servicemen (presumably former - ed.) are taking part in the hostilities on the side of Ukraine.

“The number of Israelis taking part in the fighting in Ukraine today is in the hundreds. Remarkably, the Israeli government made no effort to stop this growing influx. The Israeli military presence in Ukraine includes a special task force of IDF veterans", - gives information to the Israeli edition of "Israel Radar".

The Israeli side does not officially comment on these data, however, we are definitely talking about a confrontation with Russia.