Researchers: the spread of the radioactive cloud after the explosion in Nyonoks was noticed even over the Crimea and Siberia

Nenox explosion simulation: radiation cloud over most of Russia.

After the explosion that occurred at a military facility of the Russian Navy, scientists conducted a simulation and found that a radioactive cloud could easily cover not only the northern part of Russia, but also Crimea, as well as most of the country.

On the presented map you can see how the large radioactive cloud does not rush westward, but covers almost the entire part of Russia, including Crimea and most of Siberia. What kind of radiation doses are in question is unknown.

The nuance lies primarily in the fact that we are talking about modeling an explosion, while the fact that exactly how much radioactive substance was used is unknown, which causes a lot of doubts about the data presented. Nevertheless, experts had a lot of questions in connection with the unexpected shutdown of four stations monitoring the background radiation level - according to information provided by the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, this fact is by no means connected with the mysterious explosion in Nenoks.

It should be clarified that special spacecraft could not reveal any significant traces of the increase in the level of radiation in the atmosphere after the explosion in Nenoks, and therefore there are no concerns.

Kostyan, do you think you’ll pick up an article?

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I myself am from Severodvinsk. Maybe enough is enough to escalate hysteria and scare the whole world with radiation? It seems like for fake news we have an article in the Criminal Code, isn't it?