Source: Belarus handed over to Russia the failed members of the Wagner PMC - they were taken to the Tu-134 by the Russian Ministry of Defense

It became known about the release of 33 Russian citizens detained in Belarus.

The source of the news agency reported that 33 Russian citizens who were illegally detained in Belarus on charges of extremism (according to official Minsk, we are talking about members of the Wagner PMC) could leave the territory of the neighboring state on the plane of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation , who arrived in the country a few hours ago with a short visit.

Initially, open sources of data published information about the mysterious visit of the Russian Defense Ministry Tu-134AK, which made a short visit to Belarus.

“A special board of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) of Russia has landed on the territory of Belarus. This is evidenced by the data of the FlightRadar portal. According to the service, the Tu-134AK passenger aircraft with tail number RA-65690 on Wednesday, August 12, at 9:44 am, took off from the Chkalovsky military airfield in the Moscow region, then its signal is recorded in the area of ​​the Zamok settlement in the Minsk region. This aircraft has identification marks of the Russian Air Force "- сообщает publication.

Later it became known that Belarus confirmed its readiness to hand over the detained citizens of Russia, against the background of which it became known that all 33 citizens of the Russian Federation could be taken out of Minsk on a Russian military plane.

“Three dozen Russians detained on the eve of the elections near Minsk may be handed over to Russia in the near future,” an informed source told Interfax. "It is possible that the detainees will be handed over to the Russian side for further investigation in the near future, possibly by the end of the week," the source said. According to him, they are supposed to leave Minsk. by air», - informs "Telegram" channel.

There are no official statements from Minsk and Moscow regarding the release of the detainees so far, however, experts believe that in the current situation on the territory of Belarus, Lukashenka will not dare to take steps to extradite the detainees to Ukraine.

I would ask the question differently: "Citizens of the Russian Federation, who were with you in transit, were delivered to their destination?"

The government needs to legally ban all private paramilitary groups in Russia.

The protestors in Minsk are no different from the Khabarovsk ones. They are very far from the working people. They go to a disco, to seem who has better sneakers, shorts, T-shirts with expensive smartphones and iPhones, well-fed, not burdened by anything; eat under drugs and degrees. The carefree life of an elite in the end corrupts, like caviar - the soul craves for fun. The main thing is to expel, and there at least the grass will not grow, as on the eve of the collapse of the USSR; unemployment, empty shelves, anarchy, banditry. Yes, even though she is a housewife. After the war, in the queue for bread from early morning, then to the workshops, to construction sites, to collect potatoes in the fields; and these never held a shovel. I just want to see how the protestors finally finally crash everything, and I am young again in the post-war line for a hump. Like crows flocked to the next Sabbath, the grant-sucking media, anticipating blood and the smell of gunpowder. Big-eyed "Dozhdi", "RBC", "Meduza", "Ekhi", "Navalny Line", curly-haired Varlamov and Khodorkovsky from Prague croaked. More Bulbash drive! - and the West will help you ...

To repair and extend the service life, the plane flies directly to the plant, and not to the neighboring airfield in the Minsk region.

So our 33 heroes returned home or not?

Is there any evidence?

I understand that they had to support Lukashenka on the streets and ensure the presence of Russian flags there. The collective farm chairman did not understand anything and did the opposite.

they are mercenaries and according to the Criminal Code they should be prosecuted in Russia

Plant # 407 near Minsk is the only plant where Tu-134 aircraft are currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. No conspiracy theories ...

Predictably, this is a cheap election show to pose as the country's defender in front of the opposition. Everyone knew that next week after the elections they would be quietly sent to the Russian Federation, and that is what happened.

If this is true, then we are happy for the relatives and friends of the freed 33 citizens of Russia! Though the joy is overshadowed by the riots in Belarus, one can believe in the prudence of the neighbors!