Russian drone


Source: Israel shot down in Syria, a Russian drones

The aggression of Israel against Russia can lead to serious problems.

According to reports in the network of microblogging "Twitter", today, on the border of Syria, Israel and Jordan, a reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down. As follows from the presented reports, we are talking about the Russian military drones, which monitored the situation in the provinces of Daria and Suweida, with the aim of inflicting accurate strikes on the positions of the militants of the Syrian Arab Republic occupying the region.

There is no official confirmation that the military unmanned aerial vehicle really belonged to Russia, however, several photos appeared on the network, which show that the drone was indeed shot down, and according to all the same sources, the aircraft was destroyed by the American system "Patriot", which, however, also did not find any official confirmation.

It is reported that the unmanned aerial vehicle was destroyed near the village of Tal Shihab, located in Syria, while his flight did not violate the borders of either Israel or Jordan.

Experts expressed the opinion that if the information that it is a question of a Russian military drone is really confirmed, then Israel can start serious problems, since the destruction of a drone can be attributed to aggressive actions directed against Russia.

The type and model of the destroyed UAV has not yet been named.

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