Bagram airbase


Source: Missile attack on US airbase in Iraq

The US military base was subjected to rocket fire.

“Telegram” channel “Military Observer”, citing its own source, reported that the US military base, located in Iraq, was subjected to rocket fire.

Despite the fact that these data have not yet received any official confirmation, the United States of America and a number of NATO member countries have decided to urgently withdraw their military from the region, which indicates the existing danger to the presence of military personnel here.

It is reported that the base could be a military airfield located near the capital of Iraq, but at the moment there are no official comments from the United States and the Iraqi authorities on this matter.

At the same time, it is reported that the rocket fire did not cause any damage, which in turn does not preclude new missile attacks on the positions of the US military.

According to specialists, it will be possible to assess the situation in the region only with the advent of satellite images.

Hmm, rocket attack amerovskogo airport? And, where was their air defense? Where did the people's money go?

Oh, the military base came under fire! We need to urgently withdraw from the region ... And then to hell, I ask, did you deploy the base, fucking Yankees?!? It’s always like this: Pindos got big in the field in a foreign land, a blade of grass in * opu pricked and that’s it! They attacked, attacked, enemies and threat are all around ...! ...