Владимир Путин


Source: Putin called Netanyahu a liar and threatened with measures

Israel received a final warning from Putin.

Russia will no longer tolerate Israel’s “independent action” against allied countries. This is evidenced by the information provided by the foreign publication “Zero Hedge”, in which it is reported that the Russian leader accused the Israeli side of violating previously concluded agreements on Syria, saying that the Russian side “Some are cheating” and promising not to leave Israel's further actions unanswered.

“Putin expressed his dissatisfaction with Israel’s recent actions in Lebanon and even emphasized to Netanyahu that he“ does not accept aggression against the sovereignty of Lebanon, ”which the Russian leader had never said before. Moreover, Putin said that some were deceiving him against Syria and Lebanon and that he would not leave this unanswered. According to him, Netanyahu was warned not to strike at such targets in the future. It may also just be that Putin understands that Netanyahu, who is now desperate to extend his political career to a record fifth term as prime minister ahead of next week’s elections, may be ready to make a serious and very unnecessary escalation in the Middle East. ”, says the publicationZero hedge».

It is noteworthy that after a conversation with the Russian leader, Israel did stop hostile rhetoric against Lebanon and Syria, although it is known that several Iranian transport planes arrived in Syria at once, the border crossing between Syria and Iraq was reopened, and Syria’s intentions to acquire Iranian systems BAVAR-373 air defense.

Israel had both the Russian Federation and its president - what he wants and will do and will not ask you ... so do not be jealous!

Poor planet Earth! There is no peace and rest for you since the advent of Man, the most greedy intelligent being! Bear with it a little more, soon it will all be over! Your enemy is Man, he will destroy himself! And it will be right!

It is not necessary to expect from Russia the downed Israeli planes, but it is quite capable of creating the conditions and situation when others can do this!

Israel, do you remember Stalin, your godfather?
As they gave birth to you, we’ll kill you.

Lovely scolding only amuse!

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100% Americans do not have friends and will never be betrayed in any case!

The stupidest thing is to present the Arab news as an expert opinion by serious comrades about Israeli capabilities. Whoever said what, none of the Russian journalists knows, but the Arabs know EVERYTHING! Haha
And then people are leading and arguing about something.

"Russia (to which it itself is to blame for not producing anything of its own either for airplanes or for coffee grinders)"
What are you smoking, weird ?! Even on Mars they know more about yours about Russia! Teach the materiel, Freak!

The constitution is needed for sheep. Angles and Jews live without her and nothing.

If Trump does not stand up for his ally, then the empty embassies open in the capital of a friendly country are worthless.

I read comments and am surprised at the number of idiots and wait and on the other hand
These are about the "Jews" instead of the Jews, others about the "Raska" instead of Russia
to be called Russian or Jewish or whatever
you must first learn to respect other nations and countries

Totally agree with you! In the place of Lavrov, there should long be a diplomat at the level of the late Churkin! But alas, there is no other with such horizons and responsibility for the fate of their country! And if at Lavrovo the children live beyond the hillock, then what kind of guardian of him is for him!

There is such a saying "There are no little brothers in the cards" so in politics, and there is nothing to hope for others!

It is hardly possible to take the words “threatened with measures” seriously. Israel has demonstrated so much disregard for the Russian Federation, and we put up with it, it will most likely be as usual.

However, when necessary, the State Duma and the Federation Council with the powers of the president are not detained.

who does this goy want to scare? Israel is scared.

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Putin decided in Raska and Nitanyaga in Israel does not solve anything there peysaty rule

yes it’s very simple to answer, they’ll just turn off the electronics of the plane and all the guilty

Russia is forced to keep the Islamic factor on a leash, because since the West is mocking us, only Russia can stand it (to which it itself is to blame for not producing anything of its own either for airplanes or for coffee grinders). However, two things need to be done. The first is to drive out the laurels and draw in all vital interests red lines that no one can stand up for. For example, as soon as the first medium-range missile is delivered to Poland, the history of Poland will end forever. Georgia, the Baltic states and other countries with "progressive humanity" are next in turn ... Stop chewing snot ....

plus US support behind them. Well, what will they do?

So let's rewrite the Constitution. Suggest what to remove and what to contribute. ONLY SPECIFIC.

That's right. The policy of checks and balances. Who needs Islamic atomic bomb fanatics? In the person of Iran, Russia can feed a monster who will then drop the Russian Federation from the Middle East. The only mortal enemy of Iran is Israel, and Israel is not needed too strong. Behind him is the USA.

Before admiring the decisiveness of Great Putin, I advise you to familiarize yourself with his authority. (According to the Russian constitution, they are very limited. Who do the presidential candidates swear allegiance to? The interests of Russia? Its people? No, the provisions of the constitution. Compiled by US consultants and in the interests of the United States! Even during the reign of the Great Alkash, surrounded by "God's chosen Russian fathers democrats. "Do not forget about those? Remind me by name?

Beautiful Putin lowered the Yids

> "he will not leave it unanswered"

It’s directly interesting: what is Putin going to do if Israel strikes Syria again, or destroys another “invulnerable” “Shell”?

Will protest? Prohibit the supply of Israeli radishes?

The Russian group in Syria is extremely small, it cannot even ensure the proper security of Khmeimim. There is no money for something more serious.

The Israeli army is not comparable in number, plus US support behind them.

How many air raids have already taken place, but the praised C-300 both were silent and silent. Apparently, they realized the next plan of the “ingenious strategist”, who did not leave anything unanswered.
The Turks shot down our plane, but he bam! - banned tomatoes.

And then I didn’t know GDP before, the meanness of the “God's chosen”

will have to answer for the bazaar