Source: Russian fighters destroyed the Turkish air defense system in Syria

A video appeared on the Web of the destruction by the Russian fighters of the Turkish air defense system in Syria.

A few hours ago, Russian fighters carried out a powerful attack against terrorists actively supported by the Turkish side and destroyed one of the Turkish-made air defense systems, which was transferred to the militants' armaments - this is allegedly about the short-range complex M-113 Atilgan, which, by the way, earlier were seen being flown from the Turkish border.

Last night, the user of the Twitter account Last Defender published a video recording of a powerful airstrike from fighters in an area where the Turkish air defense system was presumably located, and although the destruction of the Turkish air defense system was not initially reported, there are allegations that it is about the Turkish complex, which Turkey began to transfer to terrorists.

A powerful explosion can be seen on the presented video frames, and if it was initially reported that it was associated with the use of a volumetric explosion aircraft bomb, now it is reported that a powerful explosion is associated with the detonation of the ammunition of the destroyed Turkish air defense system.

It is noteworthy that, at the moment, fierce clashes between the Syrian military and Turkish militants are ongoing in the bombing area, which may indicate a breakdown of agreements on a peaceful settlement of the situation.

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