Source: Syria does not want to transfer to Russia another military air base

Russia may be left without another military air base in Syria.

The appearance of Russian military helicopters at an air base near the city of Kamyshli does not mean at all that the Syrian authorities transferred this military facility to Russia under control. According to a number of sources, official Damascus saw no reason to transfer a new military base to the Russian military, emphasizing that the airfield would be used jointly by the Syrian Air Force and the Russian air forces.

The source of the resource claims that some disagreement arose between Russia and Syria regarding the transfer of another military airfield to the Russian military. Information on this subject is very contradictory - according to some sources, Russia intended to gain access to the military airbase free of charge, which did not suit Damascus, as a result of which it was decided to use the airfield jointly by Syrian and Russian forces.

In favor of the latest version, the photograph taken shows a Syrian Su-22 fighter located at the Kamyshli airfield, although the Syrian air force does not take part in delivering attacks in the area.

There are no official comments on this either from the Russian military command in the Arab Republic, or from Damascus itself.