T-90 Tank


Source: Turkey captured Russian T-90 tank

Turkey was able to capture a T-90 tank in Syria.

The Turkish military demonstrated the T-90 tank that appeared in their armament, which are not officially in service with this country. Considering the fact that the Turkish side invaded Syria and the beginning of a clash with the SAA, experts suggested that the combat vehicle caught in the pictures could be captured.

“Officially, the T-90 tanks have never been in service with Turkey, and their appearance is a complete surprise. Perhaps Turkey seized the Russian T-90 tank, repaired and put it into service, since this combat vehicle has unique combat capabilities. ", - the expert marks.

At the same time, the Russian media reported that the T-90S tank may be Azerbaijani, however, the Turkish flag raised over the tank raises a number of questions about where the Turkish side could learn how to control this combat vehicle.

Sources report that the T-90S tank under the Turkish flag actually belongs to Azerbaijan, and its crew is a national team, which, however, has not received any official confirmation either from Turkey or Azerbaijan.

A day earlier, Turkey went to a very serious escalation - an F-16 fighter of the Turkish Air Force flew up to Yerevan at a distance of a direct missile strike, which caused very serious concern, especially after Ankara's threats against Armenia.

Read the press! This picture was taken in Azerbaijan during a joint military exercise: ... A T-90S tank under the flag of Turkey appeared in Azerbaijan. According to media reports, a combat vehicle belonging to the Baku army is participating in joint Turkish-Azerbaijani exercises.
It is noted that the joint exercises of Azerbaijan and Turkey, which began on July 29, are held within the framework of a military agreement. The exercises involved aviation, armored vehicles, artillery, mortars, air defense of the two countries.

Well, at least if you make a Photoshop flag, then replace all the flags. In the background, the armored personnel carrier has the flag of Azerbaijan!

Turkey has openly stated that it fully opens its military bases and military services for Azerbaijan. This is a great message for everyone! I think Russia will not defend Armenia because the occupation continues

Nobody captured him. Russian leadership as always. kindly sold a batch of weapons.

And here show-off, turkey, look at least at the map. Yerevan is located very close to the border with Turkey. They flew up within the borders of their state at the attainable distance of a missile strike, and dumped back. Before you comment on something, you need to be at least in the subject.

I didn’t understand something, a Turkish combat plane invaded the sovereign space and was not shot down ??? and the Armenians had a show-off!

There is nothing to be surprised, the tank and Azerbaijan, there will still be felts! This is the payment for military assistance and most likely it will not last.