Source: Turkey has a problem with Russian S-400

It became known about a very serious problem of Turkey with the Russian S-400, which cannot be solved.

The head of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the fact that the S-400 complexes acquired from Russia have not yet been adopted by the country, however, as it turned out, this is due to the problem identified by the Turkish military, which Turkey has not been able to solve for about six months.

Against the background of the fact that earlier Turkey openly expelled the Russian military from its territory, not allowing them to adjust the operation of the systems of the S-400 complex, it turned out that the Turkish military had neither experience nor knowledge in deploying Russian complexes. At the moment, it is absolutely impossible to do without the involvement of Russia, however, Ankara and Turkey's NATO partners believe that Russian specialists can make some changes to the systems of the complex, which will negatively affect the North Atlantic Alliance.

The Turkish Foreign Minister, in turn, noted that the deployment of the S-400 is underway - Turkish specialists know how to activate the complexes, however, analysts believe that the situation for Ankara is quite serious.

Moreover, experts believe that in reality Turkey fears the imposition of sanctions by Washington for the acquisition of Russian weapons.

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Everything is simple. They forgot to connect the power supply to the box with tomatoes, so the S-400 won't start.

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