Sources deny US drone crash in Black Sea


Sources deny US drone crash in Black Sea

Several sources have denied information about the loss of an American drone over the Black Sea. Earlier it was reported that the drone lost its signal and probably fell into the sea. However, this information was found to be false. The Aquilla telegram channel reports that two sources claim that not a single drone was shot down.

The channel's interlocutors from military circles said that reports of the downing of a drone are unreliable. Another source explained that signal loss in this region, where conflict continues, is common and does not indicate serious problems. This may be a consequence of the use of electronic warfare measures that could be used by Russia.

Such incidents of drone signal loss in conflict areas are not uncommon and are usually associated with the use of electronic warfare equipment that impedes or completely blocks communication with drones. This method is actively used in combat zones to disrupt enemy systems and ensure the safety of friendly troops.

The US military also did not confirm the loss of the drone.



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