Sources: Russian Su-35 urgently lifted from Khmeimim air base to intercept Israeli aircraft

Russian fighters were spotted in southern Syria.

The night before, Russian fighters were urgently lifted from the Khmeimim airbase, according to some reports, we are talking about the Su-35S, which went to the southern part of the Arab Republic to intercept Israeli combat aircraft. According to preliminary data, Russian fighters were able to prevent Israeli planes from striking in southern Syria in response to an alleged rocket attack on Israeli territory.

It is known that a few hours before the Syrian air defense systems were put on full alert in order to repel Israeli missile attacks, however, it was obviously the Russian Su-35 that were able to prevent Israeli aircraft from carrying out the attack.

It should be clarified that Russian military aviation is far from being the first to impede Israel’s attempts to strike at Syria, in particular, it was previously reported that it was thanks to the Su-35 that it was possible to prevent the second wave of the Israeli Air Force attack.

Nevertheless, it remains unknown whether Israel agreed with the Russian military command to strike in Syria, since the appearance of Russian airborne forces in the sky means that the IDF decided to organize "self-activity", which violates the agreements reached between Moscow and Tel Aviv.

I served in the Air Force and completely agree. It’s necessary to bring down what threatens. And why should the Air Force scare us. But we don’t have power, let’s give it freedom! This is authority!

We organized a homeland for the Jews, why we are constantly moving away from direct actions with them, well at least once show the class, knock down a couple of 16 or 22 and not only Jews but Pindos will be quiet for a long time,

During combat operations, enemy aircraft must be intercepted by air defense systems, and not by the SU-35 escort service



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