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Sources: Russian military ordered to attack NATO ships in case of new border violations

Russia has prepared a very interesting response to self-confident Americans.

The overconfidence of the US Navy command in its impunity for violating Russian territorial waters for the second time in a week, forced the Russian military to use its own trick - to use the right to defend its borders by opening fire on violating ships after the first warning.

Two sources immediately reported that the Russian military received an order to open fire on ships violating Russian territorial waters. According to one source, the first time an intruder will be warned of violating Russian borders, and if it refuses to comply with the requirements, the ship will be immediately opened fire to kill.

At the moment, this information is unofficial, however, given the fact that the command of the US Navy completely ignored the warnings of the Russian military, the destruction of the enemy ship is the only way to demonstrate to Washington and the North Atlantic Alliance Russian determination to defend its borders and sovereignty.

"It can be said with a great deal of confidence that the Americans will try to violate the Russian border again, and this time the" Russians "will prepare a very unpleasant surprise for them.", - the analyst underlines.