Launching a cruise missile


US Air Force F-15 fighter fired cruise missiles near Russian naval base

A US Air Force fighter fired a dangerous missile near a Russian naval base.

The actions of the American military near the Russian naval base on the territory of Kaliningrad almost led to a real armed conflict between Russia and NATO. As it turned out, during one of the flights, the US Air Force F-15 fighter fired two missiles at an unsafe distance from the Russian naval base in Kaliningrad.

According to a number of data, in addition to the actions of NATO combat aviation, provided for by the rules of the conducted exercises, the American military also tried in a rather unusual way to test Russian air defense systems, obviously realizing that the same S-400 complexes are closely monitoring flights near Russian borders, and unexpectedly released the missiles could well have become a reason for switching the complexes into an active mode, which would make it possible to obtain some data on the frequencies of the Russian radars, especially since there were also electronic reconnaissance aircraft in the same area.

It is noteworthy that two AGM-158 JASSM missiles were launched, which are considered invisible to most air defense systems, which would force the Russian military to use the S-400 Triumph complexes.

Nevertheless, such a reckless act on the part of the American pilots could well result in big trouble for the Alliance, since Russia could well consider such a missile launch an attack, and intercept not only the missile itself, but also destroy the aggressor aircraft.

Again, as always, they wiped themselves off and expressed their concern, disgusting.

Could you answer? Yes, and it was necessary to answer, and then apologize, as they do.

Near the Kaliningrad naval base, missiles can only be fired in relative terms. Because there is a limit to the permissibility of even the impudence of NATO members. Here are the unprincipled ones, they will finish badly.

We, of course, are peaceful people, but ... our armored train ... is already passing

prepared for March 8. We are peaceful people ... as long as we are not touched.

It's good that it was a day off, otherwise they would have been intercepted for sure.