Interception aircraft


Fighter F-18 tried to intercept Sergei Shoigu's plane and immediately paid. Video

NATO fighter tried to intercept the plane of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Today it became known that the F-18 fighter of one of the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance tried to get closer to the plane of the head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Sergei Shoigu, in fact, by intercepting it over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea.

Nevertheless, as it turned out, the F-18 pilot paid almost instantly for his dangerous maneuver, since the Su-27 fighter of the Russian air forces was sent to intercept it, which carried out a spectacular maneuver, forcing the NATO fighter to instantly retreat.

Despite the fact that on the presented video frames you can see that the F-18 fighter does not carry any missiles for hitting air targets, however, there was a danger, albeit a potential one.

On the other hand, the fact that the North Atlantic Alliance fighter was able to get close to Sergei Shoigu’s plane, despite the nearby Russian Air Force fighters, remains unknown.

It should be clarified that no official comments have yet been received from the command of the North Atlantic Alliance, however this is not the first incident for which NATO fighters have been spotted.

Not everything should be forgiven NATSAM, insolent should punish.

And when one period, Russian military aircraft, at unacceptably low altitude, shouting from the booths: "Putin, I dedicate this to you", flew over NATO aircraft carriers, then there was a potential danger too!