F-35 fighter jet crashes near Chinese military base in Paracel Islands

Another American F-35 fighter jet crashed mid-flight.

An American F-35 fifth generation fighter crashed near the borders of the maritime space of the PRC, during a provocative flight near the Paracel Islands, where the PRC military base is located. As it became known, the incident occurred in the South China Sea, when a combat aircraft landed on the deck of an aircraft carrier - due to a malfunction in the systems of a combat aircraft, the latter literally rammed the deck of an aircraft carrier, as a result of which at least 7 military personnel were injured.

As it became known to the news agency, the American combat aircraft was unable to land on the deck due to the fighter's incorrect altitude, as a result of which the combat aircraft rammed the take-off deck. The pilot managed to eject, however, an uncontrolled combat vehicle crashed into a group of military sailors and technical personnel.

This is the second incident with F-35 fighters since the beginning of this year. Initially, a similar incident occurred in South Korea, when the aircraft experienced a failure of on-board systems, resulting in an emergency landing.

At the moment, the US military is busy clarifying the circumstances of the incident, since there is a version that external interference could have been allowed into the operation of the on-board systems of the fighter.

Even if they do not doubt, it is exactly as always Russia is to blame. Why investigations.

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"The plane was unable to land on the deck due to incorrect altitude displayed by the fighter." More details from here, please...

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