The MiG-23 fighter is shot down by a direct hit of a rocket. Video

Turkish terrorists shot down a MiG-23 fighter from MANPADS.

Turkish terrorist groups have confirmed the destruction of the MiG-23 supersonic fighter from the Strela-2 Soviet-made man-portable air defense system. The pilot, who managed to catapult, was captured, however, nothing is known about his current fate.

According to militants, when a MiG-23 flying fighter was discovered, it was decided to launch a rocket into a combat aircraft, which hit it directly, as a result of which the fighter lost control and began to fall, as demonstrated by the corresponding video frames.

Judging by the wreckage of a fighter on the ground, the plane was not destroyed in the air, but received critical damage.

Despite all the existing arguments of the Libyan National Army that the fighter crashed due to technical problems, it is clear that pro-Turkish terrorists fighting on the side of the Government of National Unity possess air defense equipment, especially since a few days earlier it became known that that the latest Turkish short-range air defense systems were deployed to Libya.

Given the escalation of the situation on the part of the Government of National Unity, experts believe that in the near future the Libyan National Army will conduct another series of air strikes on the PNE-controlled territory.