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MiG-29 fighter crashes into the sea after a collision with a bird

The MiG-29 fighter crashed after a collision with a bird.

The bird caused the crash of the MiG-29 fighter in the Caspian Sea. These conclusions were made by a commission investigating the causes of the crash of an Azerbaijani Air Force plane after deciphering all available data.

It is reported that the pilot, apparently, tried to level the car after a collision with a bird, in connection with which, and could not timely eject. The flight took place at night, and this factor could also cause the disorientation of the pilot.

It is possible that a combat aircraft could collide with a large flock of birds, but the main version of the cause of the crash remains unchanged.

According to some reports, during the training flight, the pilot lowered the altitude, which may also mean that the plane crash occurred in just a matter of seconds.

It should be noted that the search for the crashed MiG-29 fighter lasted several days, which was due to the large scatter of debris on the surface of the sea and the inability to establish the exact place of the crash of the aircraft.

Tout autre avion s'effondrera également en entrant dans le moteur de l'oiseau. Que ce soit MIG, EF ou F

Any other plane will also collapse from a bird falling into the engine. Be it MiG, EF or F

Si les Mig29 se font maintenant descendre par les oiseaux, c'est inquiétant pour Mig et la fiabilité de leurs avions.