Cruise missile AGM-88 HARM flew right into a residential building

The American cruise missile AGM-88 HARM flew right into a residential building, but miraculously did not explode.

An American cruise missile AGM-88 HARM, fired by a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter jet at a target in Donbass, instead of hitting the latter, flew into a residential building. Despite the fact that the rocket has a warhead (warhead) consisting of a large number of damaging elements, the latter miraculously did not explode. However, even without direct detonation, the rocket literally broke through the wall of an apartment building.

Judging by the external state of the missile, the latter was not intercepted by air defense means, but it did not explode, since the missile did not have the characteristic damage for this. This fact testifies to the unreliability of American missiles built back in the 80s of the last century, especially since such a case is far from the first. As for the missile hitting a residential building, in addition to serious damage to the building, this did not lead to serious consequences - there were no casualties or casualties.

According to a number of assumptions, the missile could have gone off course due to the use of electronic countermeasures.


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