The fighter-interceptor MiG-41 will be equipped with a radio photonic radar

The Russian fighter-interceptor MiG-41 will receive a radio-photonic radar capable of "guiding" even hypersonic targets.

Against the background of work related to the creation of the fifth generation MiG-41 fighter-interceptor, information appeared that this newest Russian combat aircraft can be equipped with a unique radio photonic radar, which allows successfully detecting not only stealth targets, but also targets moving at hypersonic speed.

At the moment, there is information that Russian specialists have really successfully developed and have already tested a unique radio-photonic radar, which, although it has a relatively short detection range (according to the source, up to 200 kilometers - ed.), But has unique capabilities to detect targets with a radio-absorbing coating or targets moving at hypersonic speed.

According to analysts, such a radar allows the Russian MiG-41 fighter-interceptor to fight a huge number of targets, for which, in fact, this combat vehicle has already been developed for several years.

It is known that at the moment work is underway to create a fighter, however, any relevant information on this matter has not been announced, which is probably due primarily to the secrecy of this combat vehicle.

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Radio photons are low-frequency photons colored infrared.


... found one unpainted rocket. The soldier grabbed a bucket of
paint and put it on top of the rocket. The general approaches and starts yelling, looking
per bucket:
- What is it ?!
- Radiophotonic radar, comrade general!
- I myself see that the radio-photon radar! I ask why not painted ?!