Su-30MKI strike


Fighter Su-30 struck 26 bombs at the same time

Fighter Su-30MKI struck 26 bombs simultaneously.

On the web, they admired the photographs that captured the simultaneous strike of the Su-30MKI fighter with 26 high-explosive fragmentation bombs. In fact, the Russian combat aircraft is not designed to perform the functions of a bomber, but given the fact that the strike was delivered by almost three dozen OFAB-250 bombs, in the event of a real strike, the enemy forces would have been destroyed with colossal losses.

It is known that the Indian Air Force Su-30MKI fighter attack was carried out during military exercises. India has not previously demonstrated such capabilities of these combat aircraft, which are currently considered the most promising among the fighters in service with India.

On the web, they reacted very violently to such photographs.

"A squadron of such fighters will destroy the enemy army in just a few minutes."

"With fighters like this, India doesn't even need tactical bombers."

"China and Pakistan will regret if they try to attack India - only deep craters will remain from their armies."

It should be noted that today India is armed with more than 250 Su-30MKI fighters.


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