Su-30 fighter rammed Mirage 2000 fighter, there are dead

A Su-30 fighter collided with a Mirage 2000 fighter.

During the flight, a Su-30 fighter rammed a Mirage 2000 fighter, as a result of which both aircraft crashed to the ground. As a result of the incident, the pilot of the Su-30 fighter died, and the pilots who flew the Mirage 2000 fighter were seriously injured.

The incident took place this morning near Morena. The circumstances of the incident that occurred are still unknown, however, according to a number of data, the Su-30 pilot lost control and crashed into a French-made fighter during the flight. The flight, according to preliminary data, was planned, however, the command of the Indian Air Force has not yet given any official comments on this matter.

To date, this is the first air crash involving Indian fighters this year, however, similar incidents took place last year as well. This is due, rather, not to the technical condition of combat aircraft, but to the level of training of Indian pilots, who simply ignore flight safety.

As a result of the incident, victims, victims and destruction on the ground were avoided.


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