Su-30 missiles


The Su-30 fighter was forced to flee the battle with the F-16 fighter

The Su-30 fighter lost the battle to the F-16 fighters.

Despite the fact that the Russian Su-30 fighters are considered one of the best combat aircraft in the world, it became known that after the meeting of the F-16 fighters with the Su-30MKI fighters, the Russian-made fighters lost the air collision and were forced to reach maximum speed. leave the F-16 attack zone, as evidenced by new details of the armed conflict between India and Pakistan several years ago.

“The AMRAAM missiles fired while Pakistani Air Force fighters were in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir surprised the Indian Air Force as they overtook IAF air-to-air missiles. Two Su-30MKI fighters were 100 km away from AMRAAM and had to find a way to evade them. Indian fighters escaped, but were unable to respond to the enemy's F-16 squadron because the Russian R-77 missile is out of reach. Later, the Indian Air Force said that Russian missiles could not reach the declared range and could not hit targets beyond 80 km. " - reports the information publication "Soha".

Experts note that it is for this reason that India has significantly reduced its interest in Russian Su-30 fighters and other combat aircraft, including the latest MiG-35 fighters, although at the same time it acquired a fairly large batch of combat aircraft from Russia.

It would be strange if the dryers were substituted for the detected missiles.)

and who are pilots, not Indians for an hour

you read about Black Thursday, and 28% of world GDP is net debt to other states and nothing more.

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There were clashes with MiG19,21,23, XNUMX, XNUMX. Yes, there were still some Hindu-type pilots.

And how can it be that a single-engine aircraft has a speed greater than a 2-engine one. You are clearly beguiled.

It's not a plane that's running, it's a pilot

It was not the planes who lost, but the pilots, so do not offend our BIRDS.

Absolutely sober view of things. Without this kvass cheers-patriotism. The economy of the United States is 28% of world GDP, the economy of the Russian Federation is 1,5% of world GDP. It is with this that we must proceed, and not try to push and puff up pretending to be a world power.

During the "COLD WAR" In the world there were more than 100 clashes between MiGs and F-16s / Not a single F-16 suffered. Unlike MiGs.

Aren't you Morozov?

It all depends on the "GASKET"

What are the patriots of the CDM at least googling the su-30 max speed of 2120 km / h f-16 2195 km / h ohh ...

An article from the Chinese specifically with negative connotations for promoting their cardboard planes

The monkeys were probably sitting in the dryers And in the missile complexes the arrows were wooden. It's funny ... Well, they would have attacked Russia and not drag weights to write ...

The article is clearly ordered. "Su-30 lost the battle to F-16 fighters ..."
The battle was lost not by the Su-30, but by the pilot!
Author, learn to distinguish one from the other.
Author, how much do you charge for a tendentious presentation of the material?

Hindus think that the plane is an ax, and bought it for life. Su-30 that they bought already under 20 years old, the aircraft must be constantly modernized every 7-10 years, that is, they had to modernize them at least twice and the aircraft and its armament. Well, the Sukhoi concern has to pay.

exactly the opposite. in the USSR they underestimated. In the United States, it was overstated, since in the United States, capitalism, advertising, marketing and everything that required looking good in order to impose its products. And in the USSR this was not, but for secrecy purposes they underestimated.

I looked at the range of the R-77 missile in the export version, up to 80 km ... that is, the declared range is quite consistent.

Who overtook whom and why? Why do you need to run away because of this?
How can you fight if the weapon's performance characteristics are a secret for the user? (This is already from the comments)

Estonians ....

Pasha, don't drive a wave: in the USSR, performance characteristics have always been classified as "Sov. Secret" and no one except the specialists admitted under Form 2 knew them and could not have known them, except for spies. So that. no need to fence in nonsense, if you do not have a course.

An Hindu was flying the plane, and you pretend the title in the title as if it was controlled by a Russian pilot

And what, really, there were battles between the Russian Aerospace Forces and?

as if by the way. Between India and Pakistan. Why not between Latvians and Estonians.

On another resource, the information is opposite. But the result of the battle was the shooting down of the old MiG-23 of India and the F-16 of Pakistan. At this the war quickly ended and the catapulted Indian was returned to his homeland.

It is not the fighter that leaves the battlefield in disgrace, but its pilot. Glory to the Indian Air Force.

Dear Pavel, everything is exactly. how do you say. but on the contrary - it was in the USSR that the performance characteristics were underestimated, and in the USA they were overstated for sale to NATO members and satellites (nothing personally - this is a market.

Quote: "... could not respond to the enemy's F-16 squadron, because the Russian R-77 missile is out of reach ..." :))
We could not get the missile "R-77"))
The "interest" in the SU 30 has disappeared, but the "R-77" is the R-77 (RVV-SD is a Russian medium-range (110 km) air-to-air guided missile).
Even in the export version RVV-AE in the export version, up to 80 km.
So the F-16, with AMRAAM is not yet a reason for leaving the course ....)))

It was customary to exaggerate performance characteristics in the USSR and Russia in order to scare the enemy. In the United States, on the contrary, they were underestimated in order to be able to make tactical surprises. And the collisions of these aircraft in Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, etc. talk about the full advantage of American products. And we must soberly understand that this advantage will only grow after the collapse of the military-industrial complex of the USSR. There are no miracles in the world / <= 0 (

Found someone to entrust our plane to the gypsies. They only ride a bicycle.

"as evidenced by new details of the armed conflict between India and Pakistan several years ago.
"... what was that about now?

It is not technology that is fighting, but people. So he was such a soldier at the helm.

It's all about laying between ...

Straight by flight, choose expressions that you are lying, recently articles against our country, sources of information better choose

F-16 as a weapon is a rare shit, imposed by NATO by twisting hands and handouts. Weak engine, hence poor maneuverability and short range. He can still do something against the MiG-21, but he cannot even escape against the Su-30, the speed is low.

P-77 is inferior to AMRAAM in terms of performance characteristics. The range of the first is 80-90 km, the second is 120 km. the author wanted to say exactly that.

Two su 30mks against the F 16 squadron and what is the problem evaded the squadron, the squadron has at least 14 planes. Rightly so, I think so.

Two su 30mks against the F 16 squadron and what is the problem evaded the squadron, the squadron has at least 14 planes. Rightly so, I think so.

If the driver of the mare was not taught how to drive it / mare /, what does the cart have to do with it?

R-77 export version, range 80 km. What is the problem ?

Why should Dryers run away from AMRAAM? It seems like there is an electronic warfare system "Khibiny" on Sushki, which is guaranteed not to allow missiles like AMRAAM to hit them? Probably Soha whistles as always

Another half-truth to advertise American weapons. If we evaluate what is written at the end, it turns out that the Su-30 were not hit by amraam missiles. This means that the missiles turned out to be ineffective, that is, unable to hit targets. At the same time, the pilots found them, which speaks of the high quality of the equipment on Russian aircraft. Since the F-16s were probably at the limit of their range, it was decided not to use the P-77 and destroy the missiles in vain, as the Pakistani pilots did. And it is no coincidence that immediately after this episode, Pakistan entered into negotiations with Russia on the supply of weapons.

Two Su-30MKI fighters were 100 km away from AMRAAM and had to find a way to evade them. - And where is the escape? Did they have to shove on a rocket?
But interestingly, would the F-16 have time to evade the R-77 missile if it were in its affected area? Probably not. And this means that the F-16 is not yet lucky enough to meet the P-77.

These are those "dancers", something always prevents them from dancing.

It's not about the planes, but about who sat at the controls of these planes.