Fighter crash


Su-30SM fighter crashed today in Tver region

A new loss in the ranks of the Russian Aerospace Forces - a $ 50 million fighter crashed.

This afternoon, a Russian Su-30SM fighter worth $ 50 million crashed in the Tver region. The combat vehicle crashed in the forest during a planned flight - the pilot managed to eject - he was not injured and is already at the airfield. As a result of the fall, the combat vehicle received critical damage and the aircraft cannot be restored.

“In the Tver region, the Su-30 multipurpose fighter crashed. This was reported to RBC in the press service of the Western Military District (ZVO). The accident occurred during a planned training flight. The crew was able to safely eject, after landing the pilots got in touch, now they were evacuated to the airfield. There is no destruction on the ground due to the fall of the plane, the press service specified. The fighter fell in a wooded area. The ZVO commission went to the crash site to establish the causes of the accident ", - about it сообщает RBC.

It is noteworthy that at the moment there is some information that the crashed Su-30SM fighter was involved in the Kavkaz-2020 military exercises taking place in Russia, which may mean that this is the third major loss of the Russian army during carrying out such maneuvers - earlier it became known about the loss of a T-90 tank and a military truck.

There are no official comments on the reasons for the crash of the Russian Aerospace Forces combat aircraft, however, this is the second loss of the Su-30SM fighter in the past few years.

Su-30 and Su-30SM are, as they say in Odessa, two big differences.